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Paraná Studio focuses on the research and development of unique interiors that are able to express the soul of a space and of those who live or work in it.

We aim to create a perfect symphony with objects of a lifetime and bespoke pieces to form renovated distinctive environments tailored to any request. From decorating a home, to set design and curating a show, the team is always open for new projects. 

Lighting being fundamental to create atmosphere, we designed three spicy lighting collections:
Bamboo Appliques + Lanterns + Cordless lamps
Handcrafted in Rome, with Italian materials, these lamps are the result of a close-collaboration with maestros of craftsmanship.


Working side by side with talented artisans and artists, learning from them, Paraná Studio strives to design unique pieces to meet the requests of their clients and delight the passing voyeurs.

Always keeping our eyes wide open to eclectic realities and inspiring minds.

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