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The Rio Paraná flows through three different countries of Latin America. Brazil, lively and tropical; Paraguay, unique and welcoming; and Argentina, warm and endless. 


Three worlds that meet through the flow of one river: three very unique characters, united by one passion. 


Paraná Studio focuses on the research and development of unique interiors that are able to express the soul of a space and of those who live in it. Three different personalities with one single objective: revealing the beauty and uniqueness that hides behind every little detail.


Claudia, Clementina and Marita’s purpose is to create a world, which encloses beautiful, dreamy elements: scents, colours, and melodies. Each and everyone of them mixes, swirls and flows in perfect symphony to form distinctive environments tailored to every request. 


In a historic moment, when the world stops and people are forced to fold back, never have our homes been so important. They become our sanctuaries, our safe heavens, the one place we feel safe. Paraná Studio wants to cherish this moment, and from the darkness outside make the light shine from within.